Libraries and other code projects. Check out my github for more like this.


  • Python,
  • C++,
  • Autodesk Softimage,
  • Zero Engine

XSIZETools is an addon for Autodesk Softimage. It adds support to export & import ZeroEngine (Star Wars: Battlefront I & II) .msh model/animation files.

This addon allows importing and exporting geometry, materials and animations from and to ZeroEngine formats (.msh). Extends base Softimage objects (objects, materials) with ZeroEngine-specific properties to enable advanced features in-game.

A notable part of the work going into this addon was figuring out the exact details of the proprietary binary file format(s) that ZeroEngine consumes (.msh) as there was no official documentation. This repository is the result of that work.


  • Rust,
  • Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy matching algorithm based on Sublime Text's string search. Iterates through characters of a search string and calculates a score based on matching consecutive/close groups of characters.

Initially intends to walk all possible paths the pattern can appear in the target string. Tracks the currently best match so paths that cannot reach the best score won't be walked in the first place.

current version on

Vue libraries

  • TypeScript,
  • Vue

I'm a big fan of Vue and created some small libraries for it:

  • vue-datepicker is a modern and highly customizable datepicker (including month and year pickers) for Vue 3
  • vue-dialogs provides a simple, Promise-based approach to dialogs in Vue 3